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For nearly 40 years, Jack Elam has been manufacturing race cars.

The dedication to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and willingness to build exactly what his customers ask for have helped J&J Auto Racing succeed today.

Jack and the entire staff are excited to work with you and help get you and your team on the winning track.

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J&J's Defeat Outlaws, All-stars, Ascs, Uscs, Pst, Sos

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2014 Feature Wins in J&J Auto Racing Cars

Donny Schatz ... 19
Derek Hagar ...13
Jared Zimbardi …8
Shane Morgan ... 6

Danny Holtgraver …5
Jordan Ryan …5
Kyle Sager ... 6
Carl Bowser … 5
Brad Haudenschild …6
Joe Ramaker ...5
Tommy Barber ... 5
Daniel Pestka...4
Tony Grams ...4
Matt Moro ...4
Lee Grosz ...4

Terry Gray ... 4

Sam Hafertepe, Jr. ...4

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